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You see...

Friday Jul 13, 2007 02:36:00 AM

Theres this guy..and I have kinda fallen in love...with two guys....see, i love Spanky with all my heart..but at the same time, I am falling in love with Avery fast. He is sooo sweet, helpful, trustworthy, he makes me feel better, makes me feel like everythink is right. Makes me feel Like I can fly. I have never really felt this way before. I dont know what to do. Second of all...i would like to address the yahoo issue. I started lots of crap tonight. I didnt need to start. My friends are wonderful. they make things go right. My worry is, someone will win them over and they will believe him and begin hating me. I understand this is all virtual. but ifeel like i know them. They are there for me all the time. When roscoe died yesterday they cared. I love themsooo much and cant believe i messed it up :( yahoo friends include:jake, Kifa, Murphy, KUAI, Lucky, AA,Champ, Sadie, Ricky, and Kasey. You guys mean the world to me. You are amazing. I am sooo sorry i ruined our friendship

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