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Owner: missy15

Gender: Female
Age: 37
Last Activity: 166 month(s) ago
City: windsor
Country: Canada

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Cat, shorthair

Dog, jack russel terrier

Dog, german shorthaired pointer

Cat, mix

Cat, siamese/tabby mix

Dog, jack russel terrier

Pet: flashy

Name flashy
Nickname chunky monkey,flashy roo
Species Dog
Breed german shorthaired pointer
Gender Male
Hometown la salle
Country Canada
Zipcode n8s1g7
Birthdate 2005-05-05
Height 26
Weight 65
Favorite Activity running ,playing with his doggy friends
Favorite Food nutro large breed lamb and rice, cheese,peanut butter,apples and baby carrotts well with him pretty much everything is good!!
Favorite Treat peanut butter and pretty much anything
Favorite Toy rope toys,tennis balls
Best Trick sit,lay down,off,back up,paw,high 5 ,etc......
Worst Trick gettin into the garbage
Likes everything sofar

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flashy's Comments
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Posted By: 2007/05/11 06:22:09 PM
Hola Flashy!! wutz up wit u tod@aii?? ii am bor3d.

Posted By: Princess 2007/05/04 01:17:42 PM
Hi i'm sorry about what happned i feel sooo sorry for you family and you i hope your mom is feelng better

Posted By: Shadow 2007/04/16 03:46:58 PM
okay how is your mom?

Posted By: Princess 2007/03/17 02:08:18 PM
hey we have not talk in a long time how are you how have you been??

Posted By: Shadow 2007/03/06 06:55:08 PM
OMD OMD OMD! I heard..:( I am soooo sorry. *cries* I love you. and *hugs your momma* we feel your loss. I am sooo sorry :(

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/20 06:30:48 PM
Hey Flashy, i have to ask you something!

Posted By: 2007/02/19 04:08:53 PM
so we havent seen you around dogster latley, where youve been?

Posted By: Princess 2007/02/12 05:17:26 PM
it is going good

Posted By: Princess 2007/02/12 04:39:18 PM
hey hows it going?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/11 10:21:00 PM
bol..i REALLY like you A LOT!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/08 03:38:11 PM

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/07 04:13:50 PM
r you ready NOT to be single?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/07 03:42:40 PM
good..and stilll single! :)

Posted By: Shadow 2007/02/06 06:41:04 PM
Hey Flashy! how are you?

Posted By: 2007/02/06 06:40:47 PM
Hi Flashy!

Posted By: 2007/01/27 05:52:25 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/27 03:32:40 PM
ist fine

Posted By: 2007/01/27 02:13:22 PM
No im dating someone

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/27 08:43:39 AM
Hi, Flashy! I've been doing good. There is snow on the ground. LOTS!

Posted By: 2007/01/26 02:10:06 PM
flashy what you did really hurt me and i honeslty think this is the worst anypup has ever made me feel

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/26 01:18:20 PM
oh okay...well, i would LOVE to go on a date with you to get to know you better!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/25 09:39:42 PM
no that isn't how i feel...i thought that's how you felt..

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/25 06:11:48 PM
yea, we are friends..and i shouldnt have kissed you :(

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/23 10:07:30 PM
darn it, i knew i shouldnt have done it!

Posted By: flashy 2007/01/23 09:09:58 PM
ummmm i guess

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/23 06:13:41 PM
then can i do this...kisses him and runs off embarassed!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/23 03:07:52 PM
your welcome!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/22 11:35:08 PM
so...you like Babe? And Daisy? :( cool cool

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/22 06:23:05 PM
so...I want to do this...*kisses him on the cheek*

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/22 04:34:43 PM
well, i still like you so...just to let you know :)

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/21 10:01:43 PM
okay...well, you said not for long..so I guess that means that you will be with Daisy...have fun you two! Bye bye...Love, Shadow

Posted By: Princess 2007/01/20 03:31:02 PM
YAY! thanks for being my freind:-)

Posted By: 2007/01/20 12:02:00 PM
Sorry... : ( I can wait sorry I didnt mean to... to ..to I dunno sorry

Posted By: flashy 2007/01/20 01:22:30 AM
ok ok enough !!! dasiy we're not togther (yet) give me acouple days to think cus right now moms going through some hard times and doesnt need this !!if u cant wait then thats fine theres other pups that want to be with u too its up to u

Posted By: Princess 2007/01/19 10:56:25 PM
you are so cute can we be freinds?

Posted By: 2007/01/19 07:25:53 PM
Thats what I thought too, Flashy we need to talk get on dogtser soon.Im pretty upset.

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/19 06:47:07 PM
so your with Daisy now? okay..well, I will leave you two alone...GL you two!

Posted By: 2007/01/19 05:10:39 PM
Wow that sounds fun bol!!!So we are a couple now right?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/19 04:44:06 PM
good..been thinking of you a lot!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/18 07:16:53 PM
Hey! Just stopping in to say hi!

Posted By: 2007/01/18 07:14:48 PM
good..i dont really talk much with Jose though :(

Posted By: 2007/01/17 05:16:33 PM
Hi Flashy¢¾Whatcha up to?Ive missed you lots!~Daisy¢¾

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/16 10:37:38 PM
well, my name IS shadow, so i follow people, chase the horses, and wrestle with my owner...bol...

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/16 10:01:28 PM
cool. so..what do you like to do when you are not playing?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/16 07:46:09 PM
u still single? bol...jk

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/15 03:27:41 PM
okay! *smiles*

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/15 10:17:44 AM
your welcome...when you are on IM, wanna get to know eachother?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/14 09:28:56 PM
you sound sweet yourself! =P

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/14 09:15:10 PM
okay..good. I want to get to know someone like that too.

Posted By: 2007/01/13 04:30:31 PM
aha xD thanks Flashy :3

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/12 05:28:05 PM
oh okay! *smiles* just wanted to make sure that you werent flirting with me when you had a gf! :)

Posted By: 2007/01/12 04:26:24 PM
oh so your with shadow or whatever now...thanks so much for leading me on.

Posted By: 2007/01/12 04:24:44 PM

Posted By: 2007/01/12 02:01:11 PM
okay! Are you going to date Shadow? :(

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/12 01:55:41 PM
Hehe okay! and who is daisy? and I really like you by the way!

Posted By: 2007/01/12 01:39:37 PM
hey flashy where have you been on dogster latley?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/09 09:01:29 PM
awww...i hope you get snow soon..i like being called sweety by someone whose not my boyfriend..it makes me feel special! *kisses him on the cheek and out of embarassment, runs away*

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/09 03:20:24 PM
good baby boy...you are sooo adorable...so what you been up to?

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/09 02:29:36 PM
Hey flashy..how are you today? *blush*

Posted By: 2007/01/09 01:51:36 PM
hey flashy

Posted By: T.J. 2007/01/08 03:05:05 PM
Thank you, Flashy! I hope your family including your owners, had a good Christmas and New Year! Of course we are still pals!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/08 09:18:07 AM
good. now that i met someone i like!

Posted By: Jose 2007/01/07 11:15:08 PM
Hmmn....thanks Flashy...I appreciate that....I'm getting kinda sick of "particular" dogs trying to start drama on my page....but thats cool...I've been avoiding it and all....so thanks again ;) For being friendlier...hehe if thats even a word....

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/07 08:53:05 PM
*blush* awww..thanks...cutie pie!

Posted By: Shadow 2007/01/05 04:47:48 PM
hey gorgeous eyes....*blushes*

Posted By: 2007/01/05 01:41:56 PM
Milo is single? that is why me and Zoey broke up!

Posted By: Jose 2007/01/01 07:34:58 PM
Thats good....its always nice to start out the new year with good, good times ;)

Posted By: Jose 2007/01/01 02:13:45 PM
Thanks...hehe...it was great celebrating...did you? Over in....say..Canada?

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/31 11:06:10 PM
Oh...well...Happy New Year to you too!

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/31 06:05:54 PM
hey Flash....what up? Hear much from "Fade or anyone''?

Posted By: 2006/12/29 01:58:55 PM
I thought you liked me Flashy, well I dont know, Im really confused and I cant tell weather you like me or not, send me a pawmail.

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/28 08:25:10 PM
Neither do I....Im fed up with it all....so I'll look..if you think I should...

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/28 08:09:42 PM
ok thats fine i told her i want to be single but i think that maybe u should see what she wrote me today on Tj's page before u get upset with me

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/28 08:04:25 PM
Alright well I just want to make it clear...that Im dating her...you guys can be friends....and I dont need anyone...telling me to be "nice"? Cause I know what I am...and Im not saying you're bossy...because you ARENT..AT ALL....okay?

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/28 07:45:37 PM
So..whats goin on...is my question....who is dating who? I want to know answers....i also want to know them right now...

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/28 01:22:48 PM
k cus i dont have u on my msn anymore

Posted By: 2006/12/28 01:20:57 PM
add me....it still says your offline

Posted By: 2006/12/28 01:10:32 PM
then you blocked me...cuz it says your offline

Posted By: 2006/12/28 01:04:14 PM
k, get on MSN.

Posted By: 2006/12/28 12:49:26 PM
I just want to talk this out with u!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 03:00:01 PM
Coolio :D ugh so much drama here atleast you were gonna leave for a real reason... :-/

Posted By: 2006/12/27 02:05:50 PM
okay again that was supposed to be me!!!grrr this place is sooo weird!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 01:58:44 PM
*mentally kicks herself*

Posted By: 2006/12/27 01:58:28 PM
that was supposed to be me!my bad!im such an idiot!!!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 01:54:40 PM
Visit my page its pretty now!And i have pictures!

Posted By: 2006/12/27 01:54:22 PM
Hi Flashy♥

Posted By: flashy 2006/12/27 01:19:47 PM
nope i have to agree with all of u on that

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/27 01:17:41 PM
I know. It should have never started.

Posted By: Digger 2006/12/27 01:10:10 PM

Posted By: Kifa ♥ 2006/12/27 01:08:06 PM
Flashy, Fade and Aussie are being dramatic. They are BOTH leaving because they're fake dates are mad at them. It's sad. I will be able to post on Dogster tomorrow, I hope to see you sometime o.o

Posted By: 2006/12/27 12:59:54 PM
dont! i am leaving because you wont talk to me!

Posted By: 2006/12/25 09:48:29 PM
Hi flashy Umm...*gets sorta embarressed O_o* how are you? anyway hope things work out for you&fade

Posted By: Jose 2006/12/25 12:08:52 PM
Uhhh....well if you have dogster, then I could secretly p-mail it to you...but I dont really think there's anything left to discuss....I know who I love...dont you??

Posted By: T.J. 2006/12/25 05:54:33 AM
Merry Christmas!

Posted By: 2006/12/24 10:15:21 PM
if you guys talk about me behind my back...nvm

Posted By: T.J. 2006/12/24 09:37:00 AM
I'm Good, Thanks. You?

Posted By: 2006/12/23 06:20:28 PM
Okay Flashy..no one needs to be involved in this..except for me, you, and Fade...alright?

Posted By: 2006/12/23 06:11:46 PM
Well before she was actually telling me that she could have both of us...and love is really between two dogs...wouldnt you say? We should all talk...give me your msn...please...and when she gets on..we can converse about all this nonsense...

Posted By: 2006/12/23 05:59:12 PM
Its too bad your so full of yourself....she told me to ignore you...Im not gonna let you get me down punk. Sorry...

Posted By: 2006/12/23 08:28:55 AM
Indeed we are...and Im proud of it....why do you ask?

Posted By: 2006/10/15 09:57:42 AM
welcome to petster! you'll like it here! we dont have much but my friends&I talk ALOT! everyday so whenever your bored come visit us sometime :)

Posted By: Cooper 'Duke' 2006/10/15 05:37:16 AM
Welcome flashy! :) Hope we can be friends. Esmerelda is a sweet doggy!

Posted By: Esmerelda 2006/10/14 10:48:23 PM
Hi! you are a cutie! such pretty spots and ears, and very expressive eyes! Nice to meet you!

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